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howies grill

The best burgers, fries and hot dogs are to find in Vöhringen. Definitely plan a stop before heading to Ulm or back home.

Phone 07306 9281655

howies grill

Something great is growing in Ulm - an inn with vegan cuisine. That's what the "V" in the restaurant's name stands for.

Phone 0731 93406950


Classic, Mediterranean style with Greek influences, coupled with attentive service
Phone 0731 7083424

Barfüßer Brewery

Home brewery, good home cooking, feel-good atmosphere. A very popular place at the weekends
Phone 0731 60265615

Pinocchio Pizza Werkstatt

Pizza and pasta, relaxed and uncomplicated! Every guest is welcome here.
Phone 0731 601144

Three Jugs

Swabian cuisine, decent portions, nice courtyard in summer.
Phone 0731 67717


Chic, casual, hip bar with top drinks and very good quality in a stylish ambience and only a 5-minute walk from the hotel.
Phone 0731 3865453
Da Roberto

Da Roberto 

Caffe & Bruschetta. Very good, handmade coffee, served with Italian charm. Roberto simply knows how to do it.  

Phone 0731 93628755

Asia Van

simple, asian and naturally prepared food. Nice service and very fair prices, we think.
Phone 0731 602760


Good location for burgers, salads and drinks, great outdoor terrace in summer. Definately gets you in the mood for weekend.
Phone 0731 6028866

Cafe Animo

Located in the fishermen's quarter, the heart of the old town. The tables by the water are beautiful. Simply a great place to stay.
Phone 0731 8801730

Cafe Animo

Porcelain manufactory,
homemade cake, very tasty vegetarian lunch.
Phone 0731 9642937

Cafe Animo

a super shop with great bikes.
Bernadette and Oliver take care of everything to do with bikes.
Phone 0731 7085226


Upscale Swabian cuisine in a beautiful ambience with very nice service.
Phone 0731 1755771

Cafe Animo

and if you want to surf...
you should fly to Costa Rica
"wooop wooop"
Phone +506 8913 6111
Museum Cafe

Museum café

great sun terrace for relaxing reading the newspaper, meeting friends or just enjoying life
Phone 0731 6025060
360° Panorama

Cafe Animo

Experience Ulm and Neu-Ulm from a different perspective and visit Ulm Touristik 360°.