Because it is nicest at home

Come as a guest,
leave as a friend

Whether you're on holiday or travelling on business, it doesn't matter to us. We want to offer you an experience that you will remember with pleasure. On our travels around the globe, we always find that it's usually the little things and gestures that make a trip special. It doesn't take much to have fun and it doesn't take much to be happy. That's why feeling good is our top priority. We want to give you a warm welcome and start the next day with a good feeling. As hosts, this is our task and we are happy about every smile in the morning. Because then we have contributed to your satisfaction with our actions.

Because Ulm
is a pearl.

Surrounded by lots of green meadows, forests and fields, Ulm lies on the beautiful Danube. Our city and its surroundings offer numerous opportunities to find a place of peace and relaxation. Whether with a good book, earplug music or on a bicycle. Especially in the warm months, something like this is a lot of fun. Many parks, especially Friedrichsau, downstream from the Danube, is always a popular destination for many Ulm residents. But maybe that's also because of the beer gardens or the folk festival and the Ulmer Zelt, which takes place for several weeks in the summer and offers a very good concert programme.

But the surrounding area also has its charms. We have really great quarry ponds in Ulm, which of course attract many fresh-air fans for a swim in the summer. A great tip for an excursion is and remains the small town of Blaubeuren, which is about 20 kilometres from Ulm and can be reached quite easily by bike. Here is the source of the Blau River, which meanders through the fishermen's quarter all the way to Ulm and finally flows into the Danube.

The Ulmer Höhenweg, which leads from the Eselsberg over the Michelsberg and the Safranberg to Böfingen, is absolutely great for viewing the city from a variety of angles. On a clear day, the Alps, about 150 km away, can be seen, offering an impressive panorama.

So you see, there is a lot to see and do in Ulm, around Ulm and the surrounding area. We would be happy to give you more tips and suggestions for day trips and other really worthwhile "Must Do's" for Ulm.